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Governor Newsom’s Behavioral Health Task Force is a big deal

The window for applications for membership on Governor Gavin Newsom’s Behavioral Health Task Force closed last Friday.

The first meeting (Mar. 4) is now just weeks away, but what will it mean for California’s response to the behavioral health crisis?

“I do think that the task force that is being led and really held up by this governor is going to be extremely important … We are anxiously awaiting who will actually be appointed to that task force, but we’ve got plenty of experts across the state. We need to leverage that expertise and really come together in terms of what collective action we can bring to resolve these issues.” – Carmela Coyle, BHA Co-Chair, President & CEO, California Hospital Association

“I’m excited for the behavioral health task force because we already have basically a group of individuals who’ve been doing this work for California over the last couple of years. And so it’s really easy to just put us together and help the governor create his vision of what California should look like utilizing the work that we’ve already done, jump-started the process as we have.” – Jessica Cruz, CEO, NAMI California

Remind me: BHA has been working on a roadmap for making progress on behavioral health care in California. The report is being finalized and will be shared in the coming weeks.

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