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Who we are

Co-chaired by the California Hospital Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness California, our goal is to engage state and federal candidates and highlight their views on finding solutions during the 2018 election cycle.

Behavioral Health Action represents individuals and families, small businesses, labor, law enforcement, service and not-for-profit providers, county mental health departments and more. This first-of-its-kind, broad-based coalition of organizations represents California’s extensive and diverse system of care for behavioral health services.

Key Focus Areas

  • Build awareness among decision makers and momentum towards behavioral health solutions.

  • Create a unified movement for more coordinated and integrated care services for individuals with behavioral health needs.

  • Explore solutions that focus on prevention and early intervention, crisis prevention and response, and workforce development and improvement.

Where we're headed

In the month's ahead, Behavioral Health Action will be a catalyst to drive awareness, action and accountability. We will use the November election as an opportunity to engage California leaders and candidates for office at all levels of government and encourage them to prioritize and share their vision on these issues. We're at a tipping point - a real watershed moment in the battle to establish behavioral health issues as a public policy priority in California.

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