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The opioid crisis hits home. Mine.

Our son Scott fatally overdosed last November. Nothing can bring him back, but I’ve learned some things that might help others cope with this affliction.

By Bill Sternberg, USA Today, September 5, 2018

Whenever I meet someone new at a social gathering, the question typically comes up within a few minutes of casual conversation: How many children do you have?

Until nine months ago, this innocent question had a simple answer. Now it triggers a rapid and painful mental calculation.

I could say two. My daughter is in New York and my son is in Philadelphia. That’s the easy answer, I suppose. But it doesn’t feel right. No, that doesn’t feel right at all.

Or I could say three. Yes, that feels better. Much better. But do I want to discomfort this person I just met? And how much do I really want to share?

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